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Cold Pressed Cacao Oil is not easy to find, it's not in every market or store when shopping in Peru. This item is very rare and sourced by a local Peruvian whose family originates in the Jungle. My source is kept private as we want this item to continue to be a Sacred source for unique and special items.


5ml bottle - approximately 100 drops per bottle.


I've listed a few ways to use the oil below:

Face - Place a few drops on your skin after a show or in addition to your nighttime moisturizer.

Skin - Use with a fragrance-free lotion and apply to your entire body.

Fragrance - Use as a perfume by placing on your wrists and neck. (I use this most often as the smell is amazing and it's toxin/paraben free and not harmful to my hormones.)

Tea - Use 1-2 drops in your tea or cacao as a heart opener 

Cold Pressed Cacao Oil

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